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Ceramic proppant is prevalent in the U.S. market

2012-2-24 16:43:552534  
In recent years, the successful development of the U.S. shale oil and gas, not only triggered a global shale oil and gas resources exploration and development boom, but also to create an excellent business opportunities for many small manufacturing companies in China.

In the past three years, Chinese companies manufacturing ceramic proppant at its good support capacity, gradually replacing the conventional proppant sand, into the U.S. market. So far, made in China - ceramic proppant has occupied 13% of the entire North American ceramsite proppant market share, the average annual total business volume of $ 3,000,000,000.

Shale oil and gas development is inseparable from the application of hydraulic fracturing technology, but one of the most important material in the hydraulic fracturing proppant. The proppant purpose is to prop open reservoir pressure in the high-pressure water pressure to open the cracks, so that the oil and gas outflow.

The past, U.S. companies commonly used sand to do the proppant. Sand strata high-pressure pump into the deep well easily crushed, so more and more companies tend to use ceramsite do proppant. For those not willing to pay $ 4 / lb ceramsite (sand only 40 cents / lb), the more economical choice is the use of performance superior to conventional silica sand sub-resin coated sand. With the increasing number of North Dakota drilling, the demand for sand has gradually increased, the state and even from Wisconsin and Minnesota to find the sand source.

Since 2009, the demand for proppant in North America almost doubled three times, as more and more companies using hydraulic fracturing, ceramic proppant demand an increase of 10% to 15%. Ceramsite proppant drilling companies need quality: uniform size, chemically stable, can be high temperature high pressure, and sand combined with good compatibility, flow back easy. Sham Tseng and pressure deformation to extend the oil and gas wells productive life.

In the North Dakota prairie, the development of the Bakken Shale oil is very hot, can be seen on a satellite night scene photos recently taken from the United States, originally desolate North Dakota Bakken core set of development zones, night lights in , no less bustling city. October 2011, the state oil output reached 48.8 million barrels a day, sometimes a well to 1500 tons of sand and other proppants, including ceramic proppant at the proportion reached 30%. Well here is often a depth of 10,000 to 12,000 feet, it is ceramsite proppant best useless.

The past two years, the price of ceramic proppant at the rate of increase in U.S. domestic manufacturers are also struggling to regain market. But with the rise of domestic shale gas exploration and development in China, China's ceramic proppant at seems to not have to worry about sales. In addition, the U.S. shale oil and gas development in the ascendant, from Ohio to Texas, shale oil and gas well drilling is heating up, the ceramsite proppant in great demand, and prices also has a certain capacity of

- Ceramic proppant production and investment in small, but highly profitable Chinese proppant manufacturer's advantage lies in cheap local bauxite, bauxite is the important raw materials for production of lightweight aggregates.

Proppant manufacturers sell their products directly to the oil services company in China, such as Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, or import and export companies, packaged and transported to the U.S. West Coast ports, such as Long Beach, California, or Seattle, Washington, and then transported by train to North Dakota and other places. North Dakota's largest rail operator BSNF forecast, 2012 - ceramic proppant volume may be doubled.

A few months ago, North Dakota, imported from China - ceramic proppant production over the United States ceramsite 20% cheaper. Recently, this difference begins to narrow, with the involvement of a number of brokers, this gap will be further reduced.

Since China began to develop its shale oil and gas resources, the proppant price advantage will be further weakened. Recently, the China Petroleum and Shell in Sichuan developed in cooperation shale gas project in progress, which means the beginning of the shale gas business development. In addition, the increase in production costs in emerging economies will also push the price of proppant high. In the past two years, the Chinese higher level of price of ceramsite support agents rose 60 percent, reaching $ 800 / t. China's current inflation will exacerbate the the proppant prices.

Nevertheless, North America will provide all the huge demand of ceramic proppant at enough space for maneuvers. Chinese the proppant company said one listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States, as long as the oil and gas to maintain a certain price, and their production of ceramic proppant at marketable.

There is no doubt that the prosperity of the support agent industry is a U.S. shale oil and gas development of heat to the global spread of a signal
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